Is Public Education good for your child?

Public Education

Many parents cannot sleep thinking about in which school they are going to register their children. According to National Center for Education, in USA 90% of students go to public schools. Is public education good enough? What offer it to our children? Doral Kids Ideas interview Celia M. Fernandez, Assistant Principal of Community Education from Eugene B. Thomas School to see how this looks like.

By Marìa Eugenia Fanti

Eugene B. Thomas has a daily education program based on regulations of Dade County School District. “We have a guide on all the skills that children should learn by year, we have a calendar, and with this we monitor that the classes cover all the requirements that demand the District. These are the same skills that children must develop to pass national standardized test like: SAT (formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test), SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test), among others.” Said Fernandez.

The school Eugene B. Thomas also has other academic plans. Account with several reading programs: "Reading Plus", "Accelerated Reading" and "Reading for little ones". In these plans, the children have with the technological tools that help them to accelerate reading and improve their levels of understanding. Another program is "Successful Maker" in which reinforces learning of math and reading.

Fernandez also spoke about the activities for after school and on the Community programs: "for children who remain in the school after the regular schedule we have a plan for the study of mathematics through which we seek to strengthen the knowledge acquired in the classroom. We are doing this through a computerized tutoring. Here, assesses the skills and deficiencies of the child and we communicate to her teacher guide what he needs to improve, this establishes a link between the daily program and the study plan for after school are not plans with isolated targets, but common, because there is a permanent communication with the teacher".

Within what Fernandez called "community programs" are all the extracurricular activities that children can practice such as basketball, baseball, football, cheerleading, volleyball, dance, jazz, art, music, French, guitar, among other activities. Each class has a price of $35 per month if you must pay the parents.

The day care before and after school must also be paid, and the prices are: before school care $20 and after school care 40$ a week. It also offers a plan for an extra hour of daily care for 4 $ on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This plan is especially for the little ones, who finish the school early. "Sometimes the parents have other children who pick up at 3:00 p.m. and is more convenient for them to pick up all of them at the same time", said Fernandez.

Eugene B. Thomas has a partnership with Doral Police for Kids. “This tutoring program for children that are in degrees of secondary not only helps the boys academically, but also in the civic and athletic appearance. They teach to the children how to be good citizens, and at the same time helps them make better decisions in the aspects of his life not academic." Fernandez said. In addition, this plan is completely free. Eugene B. Thomas also offers others tutoring programs before and after school. These are fund by the County and are also free for all students.

When walking through the halls of the college Eugenia B. Thomas looks like, in that school, they are not only concern about academic, others aspects that`s involve the child's life matter. In the main office, there is a desk with brochures for parents, and there is even information about residential plans with Comcast internet that those families with children who receive free school lunches can be funded by less than $10 a month. With this plan, Eugene B. Thomas seeks that all children are able to have internet in their homes and that no one is excluded.

For parents who have a concern about not being involved in their children's education, the school Eugene B. Thomas offers ongoing written and oral communication between teachers and parents, Parents as volunteers, workshops for parents and a family night in which all can share an activity together.For more information about Eugene B. Thomas and public education in the United States, can visit:

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  • National Center for Education Statistics

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    This interview was published on February 2013 by Doral Kids Ideas.

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