Teaching moral values

Israel Mago

By Marìa Eugenia Fanti

Being a parent is one of the most extraordinary jobs in life, but it also demands many duties, one of them is to teach moral values to children. What can we do to be successful in this challenge? Doral Kids Ideas have interviewed the Pastor Israel Mago of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Doral to talk about this important issue:

Which are the most fundamental moral values, we should teach to children?

I would like to emphasize the idea that the family is the domestic church and is at home where children truly learn moral values like faith, love, charity, fellowship and forgiveness. These moral values will regulate our behavior still the end of our life.

What can parents do to encourage moral values in children?

Children learn moral values by parent’s example. First of all family should learn how to pray. It is very important pray before each meal, at bedtime, pray the Rosary together at least one set of ten every day. All these things help children to realize why is very important to have God in their lives. Of course, no one can give to others what do not have, that is why parents first have to fill with the presence of God and then they will be able to teach that to their children.

Other way to spread moral values in children is with charity activities. Parents can encourage kids to give Christmas presents for street child, in Thanksgiving give food for indigent, to help poor people. In this way, children will be touch about other reality because there are too many people who do not have the same opportunities.

What can we do to put boundaries in children behaviors, is it good?

To put boundaries is healthy. We can say everything, but all depend on how we said that. If we explain to a child the why of things and we talk to him with kindness, he will understand. Saint Paul said: “Everything is permitted, but not everything is convenient”. Parents must teach the child the difference between good and bad behaviors. Talk to your children about what things reinforce your relationship with God and what moves you away from Him. It will depend on such teachings for children to be guided on the right path.

Which books do you recommend for reinforce moral values?

Catechism of Catholic Church, Holy Bible and Matthew Kelly’s book: Racing amazing children and The 7 pillars of catholic spirituality.

The City of Doral has not catholic schools and many parents want to give children religious instruction. What can they do?

English speakers can be learnt Catechism by our Parish Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. We offer Catechism class every Sunday at Doral Academy: 9 to 10 a.m. Also, we offer Catechism class at Shelton School every Wednesday at 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Children pray Rosary every second Saturday of the month at our Parish office: 11402 NW 41 Street, Suite 221. The pray of Rosary starts at 10 and finish at 11 a.m. We do not have restriction with the age because is very important that parents nourish the faith of their kids from the beginning, the early you start to teach them, the early you will get results. Also, we have two pray groups. One is Friends of Jesus and Marie, and the other one is Armata Bianca. Both groups made up a prayer nests and reinforce the importance to pray for those in necessity.

What projects Our Lady of Guadalupe has for the community of Doral?

The church build’s project changed. We have received new donations, and now we are going to build instead of a church for 850 people, another one with 1300 people capacity. Now we are redesigning the blueprints, after that, we will process all permits, so in a couple of months we will start building our temple. Other project we have is to build a private catholic school, but first we have to build our temple.

Do you have last advice for parents?

When family pray together, stay together. The best legacy a parent can leave to their children is the faith and love for God. I would like to quote the Catechism of Catholic Church: “Parents for the sacrament of Baptism and Marriage have been consecrated like a priest of their home, because: parents transmit to their children the Word of the Lord by given them an example and with their words. They are instruments of his grace and sanctification for their children through by way of constant pray, patient love, understanding, steady and quiet correction. Parents guide theirs sons for the Christian path through by way of their world testimony, their delivery in service to others and the apostolic and evangelist compromise, on that way children will be introducing in the Christ and Church experience.”

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This interview was published on January 2013 by Doral Kids Ideas.

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