Doral's Mayor: Luigi Boria

Luigi Boria

The Venezuelan chairman Luigi Boria just sword as major for Doral City and he gave to Doral Kids Ideas an exclusive interview where he show us his kind and human side

By María Eugenia Fanti

It is Christmas time for the community of Doral. To be a parent during such times is really busy, because most of us have many activities and events with our children. Well, Luigi Boria is also one of us, even when he has new responsibilities as a Major he went to Christmas’s show of his grandson’s school. There he was happy to be with his family, because for him the most important thing when you raise a child is to share quality time together.

Boria has two children, Alexander and Maria Lorena, both in adult age, but for nobody is a secret that them and his wife, Graciela, are the key of his successful: “a family split up is a family destroy, that is why unity is strength. I have been married for 30 years to my wife, we always work together and even when I am Major Luigi Boria, she is the one who is behind me, taking care of me. We are two different people, but we work as one body, if we keep that philosophy in mind our children will feel it and then the kids will follow the example of their parents.”

Under the idea that we have to keep family together, Boria told us his secrets to achieve this goal: “sharing quality time with your children, have time together at home, can be at lunch or dinner, but you have to do it with discipline like, always share the same meal, this is very important. Also is very good to pray together, I usually read the Bible with my kids everyday. The communication between parents and children is the key. As a parents we must give our children attention, this is the quality time that we devote to them.”The Major emphasize in fighting against divorce: “in the United States more than 50% of couples are divorce, who are the most affected? The children, so we have to stop this epidemic, this is the best advice I can give to you, fight for keeping your family always together”.

A promise for a better life

Major Boria is already working on new projects to improve parks and spaces for the Doral community. On 114th with 80th Street will soon be a Community Center with many social areas and with infant activities. Also they are building 13 miles long bicycles track that will help children arrive to school sooner.Probably in 2 or 3 years, Doral will have new charter schools: “On 74th Street and 107th Ave will be a new High School with capacity of 2600 students. Also in front of Doral Island we will build another school for 800 students. At Downtown Doral will be also a school for 800 students more, this is what we plan nearby”, said Boria.

Most of these projects will be done by private investment, because Boria’s idea is to encourage small and medium entrepreneur to open their business in Doral, which will generate job offer.

More parks less drugs

Drug trafficking and use in Doral’s school are one of the headlines that usually we read about on Miami’s newspapers. For the new Major built more parks will help to solve that problem. Boria said: “we are increasing law enforcement over dealing drugs. But, the best thing that we can do to stop drug trafficking and use, in any city of Miami is to improve sports and after school programs, because this will help to keep young people busy in a safe environment and they won’t waste their time with drugs anymore”, said Boria.

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This interview was published on December 2012 by Doral Kids Ideas.

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  • Copyright © 2013 María Eugenia Fanti. All rights reserved.