How can I help you?

I am a Multimedia Journalist who is passionate for creating content and developing media strategies that make people and companies successful. I can help you with:


I can write about all kind of topics.I am a Journalist who can write in English, Spanish and French for books, newspapers, magazines and websites. I am also a Copywriter who can create successful copies and can contribute to every stage of the creative process.

Digital Videos

I can produce videos from writing the original script through recording and editing. I do videos for T.V and all Multimedia platforms.

Websites and Blogs

I can produce content, design websites and blogs. I can maintain your website and blog updated with interesting reports, stories and any content that you or your company need.

Social Media Strategies

I can help you with your Social Media Marketing Plan to increase your market exposure, help you to reconnect with your customers and make your company more successful

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